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Friday, 6 July 2012

Dust 514

Dust 514

Dust 514 is an upcoming free-to-play video game developed by CCP Games. This first person shooter is set in the EVE universe. Dust 514 will be connected to the massive EVE universe and will also use the same currency.

Whatever one player does in Dust will affect both political and economical status in Eve and vice versa .The game will be available for Playstation 3 only and the release date is yet to be revealed, but has been confirmed to be released sometime in 2012. For gamers who want to play it earlier there is a closed beta that you can receive a key through the Playstation home, however I am not too sure how long this is there for.

Fight and win wars to gain control of land, gain wealth and build up an empire to become a major power in the massive EVE universe. In the game you can customise every aspect of your character including your characters weapons, equipment, skills and even the vehicles they drive.

The game is free to play and can be downloaded on the Playstation network. When starting the game you have to choose which race you are you can either pick from the Caldari, Amarr, Gallente or the Minmater. Each race has their own territory.

Dust 514 will give players a sense of loss when one of your tanks get destroyed as they  will be lost and you will have to try and buy another one so if you’ve saved up to buy a tank and it gets destroyed you will have to start saving again. This game looks and sound very interesting as you feel your battles mean something if you win and also if you lose.

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