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Monday, 2 July 2012

Found my old Sega Mega Drive

Old Sega

This post is not just entirely about PS3 or Xbox 360 but also about my first Console the Sega Mega Drive.

So yesterday I was sorting out my house and found my old Sega mega drive with a bunch of games for it, so of I went and started to mess around with them to see what worked still. To my surprise all the games and the Sega still worked and I spent the entire day playing all the games. It was some fun playing all the old games, but got me thinking after all those years how my taste in games has not really changed. Here is a list of the some games I had for the Sega and either the Ps3 or Xbox 360.
The first game I started Playing was,
                                   Spiderman Vs The Kingpin:

                                  The Amazing Spiderman Ps3/Xbox360

Next on the playlist was,
                               FIFA International Soccer

                                  FIFA 2012 Ps3/Xbox360


                                                              Mortal Kombat 3

                                                   Mortal Kombat Ps3/Xbox360 

To be continued : 

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