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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fifa 13 news

Fifa 13
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So with all the action on T.V with Euro 2012, I decided to have a look at EA sports upcoming game FIFA 13 which is due out 28 September 2012. So what can you expect from this year’s game:

1st Touch Control

This feature makes ball control ultra realistic. Players will control the ball fine if it’s a good pass and if they are not under any pressure, but might take a bad touch if the pass is poor and there’s an opponent close by- just like in real footy!

Attacking Intelligence

This makes your AI-controlled players even smarter! Now they make better runs, curve there movement to stay onside and make bursting runs into the penalty area.

Complete Dribbling

Thanks to complete dribbling, you can face the defender while changing direction, similar to the way you dribble in Fifa Street. Your players will also turn or burst away faster.

Tactical Free-Kicks

Attacking teams are now able to create loads of different moves from free-kicks, like dummies or fake passes, and defending teams can add more players to the wall rush the kick-taker and even creep the wall forward! That’s just brilliant.

Player Impact Engine

The new player Impact engine lets players battle with and without the ball. You can use your body to block runs and win the ball back, plus you can push and pull off the ball, but that’s only as long as the referee doesn’t see you.

(I hope they really improve this part of the game as I have seen so many times players getting stuck beside each other and players just running into each other and falling really badly.)

I have also read on other sites that if you swear at the referee you will get in trouble as per real life, but I am not too sure how true this is but hopefully it will be.

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