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Friday, 15 June 2012

Ps4 or Xbox 720
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Ps4 (Orbis) or Xbox 720 (Xbox loop)
With neither Microsoft or Sony saying anything about the next gen consoles at this year’s E3 event I am just wondering like most people when will these 2 giants of console makers make a move and tell of a release date, it seems like they are both waiting on each other to make a move.

PS4 (Orbis)

Some idea about the PS4 have been leaked saying it will be released Christmas of 2014, with games like Uncharted 4 and The Elder Scrolls 6, however nothing has yet been confirmed.

The PS4 hardware is rumoured to be AMD x64 cpu and AMD southern Island GPU.

However PS  fans won’t want to hear is that the Ps4 won’t even bother with backwards compatibility for PS3 games meaning you can’t play PS3 games on Ps4 system L and some sort of anti-used game features.

Xbox 720 (Xbox loop)

The rumour about the Xbox 720 is that it will be released before Christmas 2013 however this is not confirmed.

The Xbox 720 could be powered by a PowerPC CPU that is married to an ATI Southern Island GPU.

Rumours were that the new Xbox 720 would not come with a DVD drive instead the games would be sold via download or bought in a memory card format, this in turn would vastly reduce the overall weight of the Xbox 720 and save power consumption. I could not see this happening as people still always want to buy the game on CD.

Some talk was that Microsoft would use Kinect feature as the controller but I can’t see them getting rid of the trusty hand controller.

 There is a lot of talk about an anti-used feature just like the PS4 on the new Xbox 720 meaning no more trading in old games for the purchase of new game, with also Xbox demanding always-on internet connection which would be very annoying for us.

There is not much news about games other then the possible release of Timesplitters when the Xbox 720 is released.

Can you think of any good names for the PS4 or Xbox 720 let me no below also if you have any idea of games also let me no.


  1. I would never buy a console that demands internet fast internet all the time, no second hand games and is not even that powerful, well what I mean is it will be labouring badly behind the top pc's of the next 5 years that's for sure.

  2. Both PS4 and next XBOX look dire, these consoles simply can't compete with high end pc's. I suggest this. It's August 2012 write now, save up for a high end PC for a period of 15 to 18 months, once you have it say JAN 2014 it will be a thing of beauty unlike your dumb ass friends who bought this awful next generation console.

    They'll play on that, you'll play on something already more powerful and that is full of less nonsense like constant internet connection. There's just no comparison, whoever buys these consoles needs there heads tested, and whoever is currently making these consoles is the biggest total fricken retard ever!