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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Ps3 Trophy Hunting


I have been trying for the last 3 months to get a platinum trophy in Fifa 12 with a little bit of success.

Normally I don’t try and get Trophies in games but when I looked at Fifa 12 trophy I seen I only needed 4 more for the platinum trophy which were,

1.       Get a ultimate team value of 85,000,000

2.       Open 100 gold packs

3.       Upload my own music

4.       Play 50 hours of Fifa 12

So away I went on my quest to do these, it all started grand did the upload my music then after a while (and a few €s) I had opened 100 packs and got my club value up past the 85million mark.

But after playing almost 200 games of the ultimate team I found out that these games do not count towards the Fifa for life trophy (play 50 hours) which is stupid, as far as I can remember I was playing Fifa 12 even do games in head to head season count.

Now to this date I have 250 games played and hoping I am getting closer to that Trophy once and for all so I can have my first platinum trophy in a game. :)

If anybody reading this please leave a comment and let me know have you got any platinum trophies and in what games have you got them in.