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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sleeping Dogs

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Sleeping Dogs is an open world crime drama video game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.The game is developed by United Front Games in partnership with Square Einx London Studios and is being published by Square Einx.

It is being released on the 14th of August 2012.The game is situated in Hong Kong, China. Sleeping Dogs was originally named as True Crime: Hong Kong, but as Square Einx purchased the publishing rights they renamed it Sleeping Dogs.

The game is set as you are an undercover agent who is infiltrating the Sun On Yee triad organization. During the game you will play as Wei Shen a detective and martial arts expert. Throughout the game Wei is torn between his loyalty to the badge and a criminal code of honour and trying to keep his cover as it can be blown at any time.

When players are not doing storyline missions they can get involved in fight clubs, karaoke, stealing cars or betting on cockfights. There won’t be any online multiplayer but there will be leaderboards and stats that you can share online with other players and friends.

Much of the game-play is based on hand-to-hand combat and dramatic executions involving your environment. There is also a free-running element to the game as it is easy to vault over objects grab a gun and jump on top of a car to hijack it. If the player is riding a motorbike, Wei has the ability to jump onto a moving vehicle. Wei can drive a variety of vehicles including cars, boats and motorbikes.

The game will feature a reputation system called FACE. Face gauges the respect Wei has both to the police and the triads. With this XP system you will unlock more abilities and equipment. Wei can purchase clothes, vehicles and accessories which have an effect on non playable character reactions. Different clothes influence the differentXP you get as suits add face XP police gear adds police XP and gang attire adds triad XP.

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